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How to fit boots for all the family


Getting the right gear that fits well really enhances the enjoyment of the great outdoors. Before any hiking adventure or backpacking journey, it’s good practice to properly choose, fit and try on footwear for the type of walking you and your family are going to do.




Try on the boots wearing the same socks as you’ll be wearing on your walk to ensure the correct fit. If you use orthotic insoles, you may like to use and fit them whilst trying new hikers on.

Stand up in the boots before you lace them and let the feet spread. This is a good indicator to see how comfortable the footwear is. Wriggle your toes and test the length of the boot. There should be enough room to snugly put your  finger deep into the boot without having to force it. Make sure your heel is seated well back in the heel cup and then tighten the laces as you normally would for walking. You can adjust the lacing or change the lacing direction for a comfortable fit.

Ensure the pair feel they are supporting the feet by rolling your feet from heel to ball several times. The heel should not rise out of the heel cup. You may like to try crouching and bending to ensure that the footwear is not loose.


Spend some time in the boots


Test the boots indoors first by strolling around and perhaps walking up and down some stairs. Once you are happy with the fit, it’s time to make your purchase. It is important to allow some time to get used to your boots and break them in before your first trip. Enjoy every walk in life!


General Care


Brush straight away with a stiff brush for leather and a soft brush for nubucks and suede. Use warm water to clean the boots. No detergents are necessary. Allow the footwear to dry naturally to avoid cracking. If wet inside, draw out moisture with newspaper. To enhance the life and the performance of the footwear additional conditioners, specialist treatments and water reproofing may be used.

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