The National Forest logo with a woodland background


We have partnered  with the National Forest to help give back to the environment. For every pair of shoes bought we make a donation to the National Forest to support the creation and management of new woodlands.

We are happy to be giving back to the environment in our bid to be a more eco-friendly sustainable brand. With the support of our customers and through our partnership with with the National Forest we can help grow a positive future.

A collage of images from the National Forest

The National Forest covers 200 square miles of the Midlands and have planted 8.9 million trees since they started in 1991. They have created more than 100km of new cycle paths for the public to use as well as the 75 mile long National Forest Way and created more than 2,250 hectares of non-woodland priority habitats including grasslands, wetlands and heathlands. For more information on their achievements so far, visit their website  

Ten photos of a single tree with the text 'TREES SUPPORTED SO FAR : 5,417'

A single tree photograph with the text '=500 TREES SUPPORTED'




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